Everyone needs a partner to walk alongside of them to help make dreams a reality.  Do you have a great idea, but struggle to figure out how to put it into practice?  Wouldn't it be nice if you could find ways to improve your work personal, or spiritual life? How about kicking an old unhealthy habit, and replacing it with a new behavior?  What would you do if someone said they could help you be the best version of yourself?  If they could help you achieve what you never thought possible?  You'd hire them, right?!  This is how a Coach can help you!

Golden Sloth Coaching can help you find that sweet 'golden' spot that you've been trying to find.  While it might take some time, hence the sloth, it will be worth it in the end! Nothing great in life has ever been bought in a drive-thru window.  Slow, steady, determined win the race.  Are you in?



Christy Cain, Medina, OH

Christy Cain, Medina, OH

Ben N., Chicago, IL

It is hard to do justice to the positive impact working with Amy has had on my life. Amy began coaching me a year ago. In our first session I shared where I was with my health, relationship, finances, and personal development, and some of the goals I had for each. A year later, I have made visible, substantial progress in each of these areas, and am more confident in my ability to continue this progress than I ever have been.


 Amy has a knack for adjusting to my wavelength in any given coaching session. She listens, asks clarifying questions, confirms her understand and thus truly hears what I am trying say. Her application of coaching principles in setting up a conversation for me to make self-discoveries is nothing short of artful. She helps me re-evaluate my beliefs and consider alternatives I may have prematurely dismissed, achieve clarity of focus, calibrate reasonable goals and timelines for me to get them done, commit to action, and discover the best ways to hold myself accountable.


Working with Amy has been a blessing, and I recommend working with her without reservation.

Christy C., Medina, OH

Several years ago, God blessed my life when he introduced Amy into my world. She came before me as a strong, confident, and passionate leader. I was lucky to train with her. Her style, knowledge and compassion was just what was needed to get things done and just what I needed to tackle the job at hand. I can't imagine advancing to where I am today without Amy's unique support, guidance and encouragement. She is one of a kind and now, one of my dearest friends.

Laura B., Brunswick, OH

Amy is amazing! Compassionate, insightful and grounded in truth.  Treasured by time growing with her!

Charlie Z., Greensboro, NC

Amy and I met in a CoachNet class about 5 years ago as we worked toward our Associate Level certification with the International Coaching Federation.  Since then we’ve consulted with and learned from each other, as well as coached each other.  I’ve found her to be engaging, competent, intelligent, fun, insightful, and helpful.  I value her integrity and honesty, her concern for her clients, and her commitment to excellence.  If you’re looking for a masterful coach to help you grow as a person or help you maximize your potential and achieve the results you want, she’s your coach.  I’ve also found her to be a masterful teacher in the classes I’ve taken on CoachNet where she is the instructor.  She’s the best!

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