Meet Amy Glazer, PCC

The roots of my coaching run deep. In college, I had an Advisor who was really invested in helping her students become the best version of themselves.  Over the four years I spent under her leadership, she inspired me and helped me realize that ultimately I want to help people live into who God has created them to be!


Today, as a Coach, I have a front row seat to help people excel and take their dreams to the next level.  I get excited to have meaningful conversations with clients who begin to uncover they have what it takes to make the next step in their life or career.  When working with a client, they get to discover who they are, their strengths, growth opportunities and what might be standing in their way of progress.  It takes a lot of courage to begin a coaching relationship, but it can turn out to be one of the most rewarding journeys a person can take.  


Prior to being a Coach, I spent 18 years working in ministry and non-profits.  During this time, I was able to use my coaching expertise to help further the organizations I served.  I did this through building staff teams, volunteer teams, and helping them be successful.  I also had the privilege of walking alongside of people who wanted to grow in their spiritual walk with Christ.  My heart for ministry is that people who are in staff and volunteer positions would feel supported and empowered to think outside the box.


As an Professional Certified Coach, I not only work with individual clients, but I am also a part of the team at CoachNet Global LLC. At CoachNet,  I am the Director of the Coaching Community and a Trainer for people who want to become a Coach.  I really enjoy being able to help other Coaches get out and use their skills!  


When I’m not coaching, I love to have fun!  You might find me out fishing, soaking up some sun, learning about sloths (they are my favorite!), traveling or spending time with my husband, Jon. Jon and I love cheering on the University of Georgia Football! I love a good cup of coffee and a great book! 


At the end of the day, no matter what I’m doing, I want it to bring out the best in those around me!  


Amy has a B.A. in Communication, Minor in Sociology with an emphasis in Family Ministry.  She is also an Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation. Amy currently is a Trainer and the Director of Coaching Community at CoachNet Global. 

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